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With another beautiful and vibrant New York City spring in full effect, it has brought about a whirlwind of activity for me with commercial photo shoots, editorials, and photo essays. Along with the photography assignments, I also found the time to complete a few videos. Here are a few inspiring takeaways from my sessions with David Norton, Beautiful Savage, and the Wolvves.

Portrait Shoot With David Norton

If you follow business, you have already heard the name David Norton as he is globally known for his contributions in the corporate world. Before  moving to the consulting / agency side, Mr. Norton built his career by working with giants like Harrah’s, MBNA and American Express. With a resume like his, it was necessary for me to capture Norton through the optics of his success.

As a renowned marketing expert, the image is everything which is why a professional corporate profile portrait is a must-have. The tonal contrast of a black and white aesthetic enabled me to interpret the unspoken time he spent building his career. 

After the successful release of The High Roller Experience and representation by Bright Sight Group, it is little surprise to hear he needed an additional portrait to announce his newfound success as a celebrated author. Unlike the confidence of a corporate image, an author’s bio picture must come across as familiar and friendly.

His semi-casual business attire centered on the lighter-toned backdrop will enable readers to focus solely on his easy-going manner which will assist readers in knowing how to engage. His warm smile also distinguishes his personality as accessible.

I also had the privilege of working with Mr. Norton to create video content where he discusses his book. A well-directed and produced video is an ideal tool for an author to promote a new book release online. With Google’s voice recognition software on the horizon, it will also be the perfect feature that helps authors increase sales and brand awareness.

Editorial Tears From Beautiful Savage

If you have followed my career, you know that the Williamsburg-based magazine Beautiful Savage and I are like old friends when it comes to our love for art, fashion and creative imagery. What else can you say to a dear friend when asked to do a photo essay of an NYC-based musical group?

I loved capturing the essence of a musical sibling trio who describes their music with language like dark, lonely, and eternal!

Known simply as Wolvves, they released their first EP, Feed the Hand that Bites, in 2013. While Joshua, Elizabeth, and Lewis Valleau identify through their dance music style, they also have unique personalities that became more evident during the shoot.

It was their singular demeanors, though, that enabled me to capture their fearless attitudes and timeless self-expression. The bold midnight hues of their appearance set against Elizabeth’s platinum blond locks also creates a vision of mystery and fascination that lends an air of credibility to their presence.

If you would like additional information on other portrait photography shoots, feel free to visit my webpage or leave me a message on Instagram. I would love to know what you thought about my latest work.

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