MONEYGAME Wins Px3 2018 Gold Prize in Documentary

Elizabeth Waterman’s MONEYGAME project which focuses on the lives of strippers in a never-before-seen way was awarded three prizes in the renowned Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3)  International Photo Competition. Her work was awarded the PX3 2018 Gold Winner in the Documentary Category, PX3 2018 Silver Winner in the People Category, and PX3 2018 Honorable Mention. Receiving top honors made it so Ms. Waterman’s work will be a featured part of “The State of the World” as well as the PX3 Annual Book. 

“The State of the World” Exhibition in Paris

On July 11th, 2018 a curated photography exhibition, “The State of the World” opened in Paris at the Espace Beaurepaire, and Waterman’s PX3 2018 prize-winning work “Dark Angels” was featured in it. The work was included with 60 other images specially selected by PX3 Founder Hossein Farmani.

The photos tell the stories, good and bad, beautiful and tragic, of people and current events that captivate and shock their audiences. Being able to bring the truth to light, exhibitions such as “The State of the World,” remain an important part of today’s conversation. They are meant to first tell the world’s stories in a way that only a photographer can and to bring recognition to the subjects and the photographers that shoot them.

Waterman is Currently Seeking a Publisher for Dark Angels

Ms. Waterman is an accomplished portrait photographer with many well-known clients throughout the world. She lives bicoastally in Los Angeles and New York and finds inspiration for her work wherever she goes. She is also CEO and Executive Director of BLACK+GOLD, a next-generation creative agency that provides photography and social media marketing services for clients in fashion, beauty, and beyond.

The layout design of the mock book was done by Creative Director Jill Draycott of BLACK+GOLD. The book is currently seeking a publisher, and agent John Willig is the person to send inquiries to about it. He can be reached at

Where to Learn More About Waterman’s Work

Ms. Waterman’s Px3 work can be viewed at Interested parties are able to read more about the professional photographer, her perspective, and the type of art she creates. Through visual storytelling, she is able to go places where others seldom are allowed to visit and capture the essence of the human spirit in the subjects that she shoots with her camera.

It is a distinct honor to have her work included in the exhibition. One can support Ms. Waterman’s photography by purchasing a copy of her recent anthology, or the forthcoming PX3 2018 Annual Book. Ms Waterman strives to open up people’s eyes to an entirely different world than the one they currently know.

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