Exploring Los Angeles

I wanted to give you an update as to what I’m up to in 2017 and now 2018! I fell in love and made the move to Santa Monica where I now reside part-time. Drawn to the foliage and plant life in the area, I found it to be the perfect place to go back to my roots as a still life photographer.

There are Twelve Vegetation Communities in The Santa Monica Mountains

The Santa Monica Mountains is home to twelve vegetation communities. A complete list of the foliage and plant life available in the area can be found at NPS.gov. I have been fortunate to have a wide range of subject matter to photograph since moving to the area.
Approximately 16 pages worth of plant life exists in the area for people to discover. I find new varieties of foliage and plant life to photograph regularly. Nature continues to provide me with subject matter I enjoy shooting.

Examples of the Different Types of Foliage and Plants I See Daily

The city continues to inspire me daily. I see my share of sand verbena, white alder, multiflowered snapdragon, and California milkweed. I marvel at the wonder of the natural landscape filled with native bush poppy, wild buckwheat, golden yarrow, and wild pea.

Still life photography provides me with a quiet and willing subject that is abundant yet everchanging. That’s what makes it special to me. It’s what I know to be a true representation of California beauty.

Still Life Images of What I’ve Saw While Walking Around the Area

Some still life images I shot while walking around Santa Monica and Venice that I’d like to share with you are below. I wanted you to see how beautiful and unique the area is when it comes to greenery. Still life is a lovely way of blending spontaneous inspiration and formal composition.

You’ll see what I mean when you view the photos I’ve taken recently. Here are some of my favorites. You’ll see how I was able to capture the unique qualities of each batch of foliage or plant I encountered. I love working in natural light and using photography as means to explore.

My Background as a Professional Photographer

Photography isn’t only a passion of mine. It’s been my career for a very long time. To give you some background about me as a photographer, I successfully shot commercial jewelry images for many years from 2008-2013.

I’ve enjoyed success in other areas of photography as well which can be viewed under the Project section of my website. I find inspiration wherever I go so it helps for me to always have my camera with me. I never know what types of images I’ll be drawn to next.

How I Continue to Grow as a Photographer

I enjoy being challenged creatively which is why I’ve taken an interest in still life photography once again. There is no better place to shoot foliage and plant life in California than in Santa Monica.

Always follow the creative urge. It will nourish all your other activities. While not roaming around Santa Monica shooting plants, I am in the midst of a long term book project titled “Dark Angels” illuminating the elusive world of exotic dancers.