Buy Your Copy of Elizabeth Waterman Photographs 2011-2016 Today

There is no better time than today to purchase a copy of “Elizabeth Waterman Photographs 2011-2016”. The anthology is packed full of 240 pages of black and white portraits including work from “The New God,” “The Triptychs,” and “Invictus”. The softcover publication makes the perfect gift for the person who seems to already own everything because its unique, beautiful, and mysterious.

Waterman’s work is as diverse as it is intriguing. In addition to the portrait photography that she has done for clients, MS Magazine, and fashion designers, Eli Tahari, Marc Jacobs, and Alex and Ani, she has captured the raw and mysterious world of strip clubs, drag queens, and BSDM masters. Her work has been featured at FFW22 as well as in the digital photographic arts publication L’Œil de la Photographie, which is available in multiple languages including French, English, and Chinese.

As CEO and Executive Director of Black + Gold, Waterman knows how important good photography is for her clients. Not only does she specialize in fashion and portrait photography, she also offers online marketing services making sure that the work she has done captivates her audience. This book pays testimony to the passion she has for her subjects and the role that she plays behind the lens.

Waterman’s skill shines through in the images she shares and the words that she writes. It is she who takes the reader on a journey to places that are unseen and taboo for many. She eloquently captures the thrilling work of being a photographer and celebrated artist by translating the experience into captivating sentences and paragraphs as well as photos.
An excerpt of the book’s first line reads:

“When I arrived in New York and threw myself at the task of setting up my studio in Brooklyn, it wasn’t long before I was drawn into the lively current of my community’s art scene. What I was surprised and thrilled by was the vigor of its focus.”

Readers are instantly hooked by wanting to know more of what inspires Waterman and her projects.

Containing five years of projects, “Elizabeth Waterman Photographs 2011-2016” takes Waterman’s best work and pushes it forward so it can be seen, admired, and appreciated. Anyone who is a fan of the photographer or art, for that matter, will love having a copy of the book to call their own. Retailing for $55, this softcover publication is available right in time for the holidays.

Order several copies of the book to give away as gifts. Individuals who are not already acquainted with Waterman’s work will quickly become lifelong fans. That’s why it’s not enough to order only one copy for yourself because visitors to your home will see yours and want their own book to look at, display, and enjoy.

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